Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice Wenger (1998).

In a community of practice the social dimension is central to these: through the process of sharing information and experiences with the group members learn from each other, and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally. In communities of practice there needs to be a domain – a commitment to a shared area of interest, a community – to interact and learn together and a practice (i.e. develop a shared repertoire of resources).

Communities of Practice – Leve & Wenger

“Learning occurs in social contexts that emerge and evolve when people who have common goals interact as they strive towards those goals” from Innovative Learning in Teaching Communities

The research I am proposing centers on the notion that interactivity contributes to an improved learning experience

Transactional Distance

Special teaching methods need to be used when at a distance (even though distance also exists in the classroom).

The research is also looking at the pedagogical strategies for distance teaching.

I think of the multiple experienes of this that came from being a student at Oxford, for exmple for film proudction through the Oxford Film Foundation 1980-84 ‘Privileged’ and learning on set, The Oxford Theatre Group and learning about theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe or at The Oxford Union to become a politician who needs to debate.

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