13 Key Learning Theories

Fig.1 12 Key Learning Theories

Based on three/four books on learning theory: 
Double click on the above should take you to a shared Dropbox or Picasa Web Album of the original ‘Simple Mind’ mindmap.

Authors such as Knud Illiris, Grainne Conole, Yrjo Engestrom and Helen Beetham identify three to five key groupings of ‘Learning Theories’. Etienne Wenger offered five theories excluding his own ‘Communities of Practice’ while David Leonard covers 150 or so in his ‘A to Z of Learning Theories’.

For now I rest with the following, though there is of course overlap. We would struggle surely to exclude any in describing how it is that from as soon as the brain forms during foetal development we are learning – and continue to do so until the body that serves the brain ceases to function.

1) Organisational Learning 
2) Neurophysiological Learning 
3) Whole person – body and mind – physiological and neurobiological 
4) Behaviourist Learning 
5) Cognitive Learning 
6) Resistance to – or defence against learning (i.e. to not learn or to block learning is to learn?) 
7) Activity Theory 
8) Communities of Practice 
9) Accommodative Learning 
10) Social Learning 
11) Transformative Learning 
13) Constructivist Learning

I’ll add these in due course – see below.

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