Take Your Teaching Online Week 4

This is from OpenLearning and is an 8 week self-paced course. By the end of this week, you should be able to: understand the benefits of networks to the online teacherdiscuss the concepts of communities of practice and network weatherdevelop useful online networks to augment your teaching practice Teacher who has tried: Private Facebook Group … Continue reading Take Your Teaching Online Week 4

The power of Open Learning

Over the last few weeks I've followed a number of FutureLearn Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS). These have been and are: World War One: Trauma and Memory. Anika Mombauer. The OU. Just Started.Start Writing Fiction. Derek Neal. The OU. Week one of eight 1/8World War One: Aviation Comes of Age. Peter Gray. The University of Birmingham. Completed. 3/3World … Continue reading The power of Open Learning

CommentsGrainné ConoleConnectednessConstructed LearningCognitive LearningCommunities of PracticeCompendiumCurationCognitive OverloadCollaborationComplexity TheoryConstructed KnowledgeCsicksentmihalyiCreative CommonsCrowd SourcingCoxCity & GuildsCREETCompostingDoug ClowCommunities of Practice - Etienne WengerCuration Connectedness, Comments, Curation and Collaboration are interrelated: you get 'connectedness', a George Siemens coined term, as a result of curation (putting content online) which garners comments and thus creates collaboration. Comments bring like minds together and the … Continue reading

Balancing on a thin line – Thoughts from a study of Swedish voluntary leaders in children’s football.

Learning and identity The concepts of learning and identity are closely interwoven and seen as a social process of making meaning, primly inspired by the situated learning. (Wenger 1998)Identity is not only about our self image or other people’s image of ourselves, it is our way of living our everyday life, it is the layers … Continue reading Balancing on a thin line – Thoughts from a study of Swedish voluntary leaders in children’s football.

Accessibility and Communities of Practice

[These are notes that came out of module H810 on Accessibility that I took as part of the MA: Open and Distance Education. I was reading Seale, E-Learning and Disability in Higher Education, Chapter 13 : issues identified in relation to creating accessible e-learning for students with disabilities. If I recall, the module was pretty … Continue reading Accessibility and Communities of Practice